Fish Farming Network

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing segments of agriculture which is practiced worldwide so why start networking with other fish farmers, aquatic suppliers, finding fish / planet sellers and so much more…

Fish Farming Network

Photo of Willow Creek Fish Farm

Aquaculture Online Networking

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Aquaculture Business

Aquaculture simply means farming by water but that can entail everything from indoor, outdoor, freshwater, saltwater, ponds, oceans, river and hundreds of types of fish / plants with to money techniques, tools plus size of operations to describe. The overall concept is basic grow fish and or plants in water primarily for food but also are grown for fish for stocking, grow bait, recreational, ornamental, medicinal and even aquatic plants that help clean the waters.

Sustainable Fish Farming

With today’s increasing population and a higher want to eat fish worldwide put more pressure on wild caught fish. But now aquaculture has become more main stream and people are more accustom to eating farm raised fish helping relieved some of the wild fish stocks.

Types of Fish Farms

  • Oyster Farm
  • Catfish Farm
  • Yellow Perch Fish Farm
  • Crawfish Farm
  • Salom Farm
  • Sturgeon Farming
  • Fish Egg Farm
  • Fish Fry Farm
  • Muscle Farm
  • ETC…. MORE

Basics of Fish Farming Process

  • Broodstock Selection aka Brookfish
  • Controlled Reproduction
  • Egg Management
  • Larval Rearing
  • Feeding
  • Maintaining Water Quality
  • Harvesting
  • Sizing, Sorting and Processing
  • Transportation / Delivery
  • Selling and Marketing


Aquatic Farming